Landing Pages & Small Websites

This page showcases landing pages and small websites from my work at the Center for Health Research.

COVID-19 Study Registry

Screenshot the COVID Registry Page
Screenshot the COVID Registry Page

This landing page was added to the CHR website in late 2020. The purpose of this page was to serve as a consent and to persuade users to register and participate in one of the many COVID-19 related clinical trials at CHR. Like the rest of the website, this landing page was designed and developed to respond to any device size.

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R-Kids Study Landing Page

Screenshot R-Kids landing page mobile view
ScScreenshot R-Kids landing page desktop view

This responsive landing page was accessed by users who received the link from either an email or a mailed letter. This page would lead to a consent and screening survey. This design followed an established brand and wireframes were created to show how the page would work for different screen sizes.

TAG website

Screenshot the TAG website, mobile view
ScScreenshot TAG website, desktop view

This was a sub-site within the Center for Health Research website and was developed to share the work of the Center’s Department of Translational and Applied Genomics (TAG).

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