AVISN to serve: Competitive Analyses Usability Testing


AVISN was an idea for a startup website that would provide a connection between US Veterans and the most granularized services they need. Current web-based Veteran Service Organization directories are known for being difficult to navigate, generate irrelevant results and guide users to incorrect sources. The main efforts for this project were to conduct a competitive analysis of these VSO directories, conduct usability testing and interview veterans and veteran services providers who use these directories. The goal was to generate solid recommendations for designing the AVISN website and to discover what users would expect of it. The video above describes the entire process of this study.


  • User Research Report
  • AVISN Product Design Recommendations

Tools & Methods

  • User Interviews
  • Task Analysis Usability Testing
  • Adobe Primere Pro CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Visio